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40A 25FT J1772 Cable & Plug
40A 25FT J1772 Cable & Plug
J1772 Cable & Plug, image 2
40A 25FT J1772 Cable & Plug

J1772 Cable & Plug

40A 25FT J1772 cable & plug

  • Strong and flexible cable
  • Fully compliant and UL certified
$199.00 each + FREE shipping
* click here for more details about shipping

This cable is a fully compliant 40-amp 25FT J1772 replacement cable and a plug designed for JuiceBox charging station.

  • UL rated, SAE J1772 compliant, IP44 (NEMA 3S) weather resistant

  • Standard 25 feet length

  • 40A 240V

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